Energy Efficient Green Building

Energy Efficient Green Building

Pyramid's staunch ethics demonstrate a personal responsibility to deliver comfortable homes which are safe for families inside and out. Energy efficiency and industry-leading green building practices are how we give back to the communities we build in.

Reducing each home's carbon footprint supports the growth of clean neighborhoods in a healthy environment and can improve resale value as a bonus, which is why Pyramid Homes, Inc. also partners with ENERGY STAR® to provide efficient and green savings for our customers.
We care about cost effective green energy because when families breathe easier, they live easier.

• Green – Fiber cement siding

• Green – Low VOC paint in designer colors

• Green – Carbon monoxide detector

• Green – Radon detection system

• Advanced Framing techniques

• 96% variable speed HVAC system

• Rinnai 98% Tankless water heater

• Eco-friendly R49 attic insulation

Pyramid Homes Inc sells Energy Star products

Pyramid Homes, Inc. is an ENERGY STAR® partner, proud to offer homes which have earned the ENERGY STAR label. The ENERGY STAR label means that your new home has been designed and built to standards well above other homes in the market today. Your home will have undergone a superior process for inspections, testing, and verification, ensuring that it meets the strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ENERGY STAR products are held to a higher standard, giving homeowners cost-reducing perks.
Pyramid Homes, Inc. offers:

• ENERGY STAR – Energy saving heat/cooling thermostat designed for optimum performance
• ENERGY STAR – 4” high efficiency air filter
• ENERGY STAR – Sealed duct work which protects against water damage
• ENERGY STAR – Sealed combustion fireplace, furnace & (Low E) windows deliver improved comfort and lower utility bills
• ENERGY STAR - Lighting & appliances help keep utility bills low while providing high-quality performance and longevity

ENERGY STAR certified homes are at least 10% more energy efficient than homes built to code and achieve a 20% improvement on average. When ENERGY STAR requirements are applied to new home construction, an integrated approach to design combined with the tried-and-true best building practices add up to a durable, comfortable home with reduced utility and maintenance costs. Visit ENERGY STAR to learn more about their new home products.